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Science Communication & Science Popularisation


Prof. S.P. Verma, Chairman , Panel  on Science  communication( Indian Social Science Congress -Wardha-2011) has sent the following mails to us. Those who are interested in contributing to the topic mentioned in Prof Verma's mail may contact him for further details. Prof SP Verma's email ID is



Dear  Colleagues,

In continuation  of  my  earlier  mail, I am  sending  herewith the  anouncement poster  of XXXV   Indian  Social  Science  Congress(attached) being  organised  in wardha  in Dec. 2011.

On  behalf  of  the  org.  committee I  request  you  to  contribute  your  study/comments/opinions in  the  Panel  Discussion  on  " Science  Communication  &  Science  Popularisation" a thematic  session  which  is  to  be  conducted  at  wardha.

We  are  approaching different scientists/technologists/social  scientists/ science  popularisation activists  at  the  national  level to  come  and  contribute  in  the  sessions  so  that  a  national  status  report  may  be  generated and  a  future  course  of  action  may  be  formulated  by  the  contributors through  sharing  of  their  own  innovative  experiences  &  concerns.

We  have  tried  to  generate  a  mailing  list, but  you  are free  to  enrich it  by  sending  emails  of  friends  whom  you  feel  will  be  interested  to  contribute in  the  above process.

Thanking  you

Yours Truly

S.P. Verma
Panel  Chairperson


Dear  Friends/Colleagues,

Recently  I  was contacted  by Peoples Council  on Education, Allahabad  to  accept Chairmanship  of  a  Panel on " Science  Communication" of  the Indian  Social  Science  Congress  A National Conference being  held  at  Wardha in DEC. 2011.

Now  I  have  to  prepare  a  National  Panel of  Research  &  Development Personnel in the  above  mentioned  area and  NCSTC-Network/NCSTC-DST has  a  good  number  of  them working  in  diverse  areas so  that  they  can contribute in preparation of status report on sc. communication  in India and  formulate  the  major  tasks in the  coming years  for  the  PSM  groups/voluntary  sector  and  Govt. Departments/institutions working  in  this  area.

We  Know  that  you  alongwith your  friends/colleagues  have  contributed a  lot  in the  area  of  Science  communication but  we  need  a  critical  review/self  assessment of  the  activities linked towards  the  larger  developmentals  goals of  Independent  India (which has  grey  areas  with Socio-economic  empowerment  & attitudinal Change  of  the  people at  large especially  the marginalised work-force)

We  need  your  suggestions/sharing /raising  issues and  some  brief  write-up on  the  above  issue, so  that  the  tenor  of  Panel Interaction  in the  Congress can  be  set.

Expecting  to  hear  from  you  at  the  earliest

Thanking  You,

With   regards

Yours  Truly

(S.P. Verma)
Chairman , Panel  on Science  communication( ISSC-Wardha-2011)
Professor S.P.Verma
President,SCIENCE  FOR  SOCIETY, Bihar
C/O Chemistry  Dept., Science College,
Patna Univ.PATNA 800 005, BIHAR, India




DATES: DECEMBER 27-31, 2011



01 Plenary Themes (TENTATIVE)

  1. Evolving A Conceptual And Theoretical Framework For Peaceful Co-Existence And A Just World (New Science of Nature Humans And Society)
  2. Working For Creation of A New Ecological Society/Civilization
  3. Working Out New Economic Foundations of Peaceful Co-Existeance And A Just World
  4. Synergizing The Indian Society: In Search of New Codes of Peaceful  Co-Existence And Social Justice
  5. New Political Framework And  A Just Governance For Peaceful Co-Existence And A Just World
  6. Working Out A New Democratic And Scientific Education, Research And Training System For Peaceful Co-Existence And A Just Indian Society
  7. Constructive Agenda (India Specific)


01.   agriculture and home science: New Agricultural Policies And Practices, Shifting from bio-chemical farming to organic-farming, from capitalist farming to cooperative farming, working out strategy for conservation of fertility of soil, Healthy And Nutritious Food to all.
02.   ARCHAEOLOGY, ANTHROPOLOGY AND HISTORY: Historical And Anthropological Perspective of Peaceful Co-Existence And A Just World. Is History guide to the future?
03.   BIOLOGICAL OR LIFE SCIENCE (BIOTECHNOLOGY) Understanding Biological Foundation of Life; Determining sources of threat to life; Working out solutions for ensuring existence of life on Planet Earth; Freeing Biotechnology from market.
04.   COMPUTER AND COMMUNICATION SCIENCE (Journalism): Evolving A New Communication System For Ensuring Peaceful Co-Existence And A Just World; Bridging The Digital Divide; Connecting The virtual world to the real world.
05.   ECOLOGICAL AND ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE: Working out Strategy For making the Environment clean and free from pollution, linking technological solutions with the new social system; Working out Ecological foundations of the New Society/Civilization/World; Formulating Programmes of Generating Awareness Among the People; Working out new Land-Forest-Humans Relationships; Evolving New Mechanisms of Stopping Desertification Through Deforestation, Mining and various other economic activities; New Approach to Conservation  of Biodiversity And Natural  Resources.
06.   ECONOMICS, COMMERCE AND MANAGEMENT SCIENCE: New Principles of New Economy; Restructuring the Economic System; New Industrial Policies And Practices, New Market-Free Trade And Commerce Practices, Shifting the economy from greed to need; and from maximization of profit to non-profit in accumulation free development; from private to public; from unemployment to full employment; Elimination of Poverty, Disparity and discrimination; Hunger-free World, Developing science of Cooperative management; Bridging the Rural-Urban Divide.
07.   EDUCATION: Evolving a new democratic, scientific and creative Education System capable of ensuring creation and sustenance of Peaceful Co-Existence And A Just World; Working out strategy for elimination of marketization  and privatization of education.
08.   ENGINEERING SCIENCE: Shifting  Paradigm of modern Engineering Science from market and non-humans to society and humans, Connecting Social Engineering with Engineering  Science.
09.   EARTH SCIENCE, PLANETARY SCIENCE AND GEOGRAPHY: Working out a strategy for conservation and utilization of finite resources of Planet Earth for longer duration; Conservation of Water;  Forest and mines; Working out science for reducing Global Warming and Climate Change; Learning to cope with climate change; Making Planet Earth Livable, Working out Strategy for facing the natural disasters.
10.   INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS STUDIES AND DEFENCE & STRATEGIC STUDIES: Working out new national and international policies of relationships; Newer conceptions of violence-free and War-free world; Carving out a strategy for Nuclear-Free and Weapons of mass destruction-free world, Newer Principles of diplomacy and global cooperation.
11.   JURIDICAL SCIENCE:  Working out a new juridical foundation for Peaceful Co-Existence And A Just World, correlating the social laws with natural laws.
12.   LINGUISTICS: Working out a new strategy for survival and growth of all languages.
13.   MATHEMATICAL AND STATISTICAL SCIENCE: Working out connections of Mathematic And Statiscis Science with the New Social Ssytem of Peaceful Co-Existence And A Just World.
14.   MEDICAL AND HEALTH SCIENCE: Politics of Public Health Education And Research In India; Evolving A New Peoples Health Education And Health Care System; Strategy of elimination of market forces’ control over drug and medical education, research and training.
15.   PHILOSOPHY: Working out a New Philosophy of Peaceful Co-Existence And A Just World; New Ethical and moral foundations; Connecting Science and Technology with ethics and morality.
16.   PHYSICAL AND CHECMICAL SCIENCE: Evolving a new paradigm of Physical And Chemical Science Rooted in the New Social System of Peaceful Existence; Shifting From High Energy to Low Renewable Energy
17.   POLITICAL SCIENCE: From Politics of Privatge Good to the Politics of Public Good; Politics of True Democracy And Peoples Sovereignty  (Democratic Self/Collective Governance); Newer political conceptions of Stateless and Borderless Global democratic Social System.
18.   PSYCHOLOGY:  Evolving A New Psychology of Peoples For their Peaceful And A Just Co-Existence; Developing Psychology of cooperation, love, mutla respect, common sharing and non-violence; New Community Psychology.
       19. SOCIOLOGY AND SOCIAL WORK: Formulating Sociology of Knowledge and Social  Existence;      Sociology of Non-violence and Collective living; Working out programmes of
Social action designed to ensure peaceful and just existence of humans and non-

03. thematic panels

1.                   Conflicts, War, Peace and Social
2.                   Democracy And Human Rights
3.                   Ecological and Environmental Protection  Movements
4.                   Ethics of Science and Society
5.                   Global Warming and Climate Change
6.                   History and Philosophy of Science
7.                   Information Technology, Mass Media
and Culture
8.                   Labour in Organized and Unorganized  Sectors
9.                   Nation,  States and Emerging Challenges
10.               Natural Resources, Bio-diversity and Geographic  Information System
11.               Patent Laws and Intellectual Property Rights
12.               Peasants, Livelihood and Land-use
13.               Peoples (Dalits, Tribes, Women, Peasants, etc) Struggles And Movements For Equitable  Democratic Society
14.               Peoples Health and Quality of Life
15.               Political Economy of India
16.               Population, Poverty and  Migration
17.               Rural Technology, Social Organisation and Rural Development
18.               Science Communication and Science
19.               Science, Technology and Social Development
20.               Social Processes, Social Structures
and Social Alienation
21.               Unity of Science (Science of Nature-


I. INTERNATIONAL : - Toward A New Democratic, Just And Peaceful World Social System
                                    - Freeing The World From Hunger And Violence.
                                    - Toward A New World Science of Nature-Humans-Society

II. NATIONAL           - - Briding The Rural-Urban Divide
                                    - Use And Conservation of Water In India: Jal, Jiva, Jungle And Jamin
                                    - Peoples Sovereinity over Water, Forest, Mines And Water
                                    - From High Energy to Low Energy  

                                    - New Rays of Hope in Latin America: New Democratic And Scientific
                                      Socialist World
   - Freeing India from Hunger and Violence
   - New Democratic And Scientific System of Peoples’ Education
   - Communicating Science of Conservation of Resources of Planet Earth
                                       to the Peoples
                                     - Overcoming the cultural crisis

                                                      05 SPECIAL WORKSHOPS

- Vidarbha And Its Peoples: A viable Agri-indus framework to say good-bye to farmers’ suicides.

- Chhatisgarh And Its Peoples: Restoring Indigenous  Peoples Sovereignty over land forest, mines
                                                      and water


scientists, University and college teachers, research students, social activists, field groups, policy makers and development activists, philosophers and creative thinkers are most cordially invited to submit their papers in triplicate on any aspect of the focal theme on themes being researched by them.


Abstracts of Papers can be submitted till September 30, 2011 and full papers in triplicate ought to be submitted before November 01, 2011. .


            Papers, membership, registration ought to be sent to the following under registered cover:

Dr. N.P. Chaubey
General Secretary

XXXIV Indian Social Science Congress

                        Iswar Saran Ashram Campus,
Allahabad 211004, INDIA
Telefax: 0532-2544170 (R), 0532-2544245(O)

            Request for accommodation and transport should be addressed to the following:

                                    Prof. Manoj Kumar
                                       Local Secretary
                                       XXXV Indian Social Science Congress
                                    Nahatna Gandhi Fuizi Guruji Centre For Preace Studies
                                    MGAHV Campus, Gandhi Hills
                                    Wardha 442 001
                                    Tel: 91-7152-251878 (O)
                                        M: 09975323109

            Further details can be had from the websites: or or through e-mails/telephones as given above.


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