Monday, 22 August 2011

Science versus Miracles - Download

Premanand’s popular book, “Science versus Miracles”, has not been available for some time now. Since Premanand himself was the distributor of the books he published and since he did not make any specific arrangement to print and distribute the books he brought out under Indian Skeptic logo, after his death there was nobody to carry on the job. 

 “Science versus Miracles” was and continues to be a handy manual for those activists who want to debunk the so called “miracles” performed by Indian godmen. Since Premanand’s death we have received a number of queries about the availability of this book with us or in bookstores.

As a result, it was decided by us to serialize the entire book in the ezine (Indian Skeptic) we used to bring out earlier. In fact, we made a beginning by publishing a couple of chapters from this book along with appropriate images.

However with the discontinuation of the ezine, that effort was halted. When we started this blog, it was then decided by us to upload the entire book in html format on to our blog. When it was found that it was not so easy as we thought, we decided to scan the entire book and make it available through a file sharing website.

Though the scanned images (in jpeg format) of the pages of the book is not up to our satisfaction, we have decided to upload them as our activists find it hard to obtain the book.

You can download the book by clicking on the following link:


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