Monday, 24 October 2011

Creating Holy Ash – Sai Baba Style

Experiment – 1

Effect: Creating Holy Ash – Sai Baba Style

Props: Perfumed Vibhui, starch water extracted from cooked rice, a plate to make the pellets with vibhuti.

Method: The perfumed ash is mixed in the starch water and made into small pellets and dried. This pellet is hidden between the thumb and the index finger. One has to learn to keep the hand relaxed without keeping the fingers stiff.

One must also be able to use the fingers and hands to say “namaste”, shake hands, drink coffee and eat or even write while keeping the pellet hidden from sight. The circle the hand, palm down, and in a swift movement bring down the pellet to the finger tips, crush it to smooth powder, and let it fall into the hands of the volunteer.

Now, if the godman or avatar is not using the same sleight of hand method of the magician, why does he refuse investigatin? Should he not prove beyond doubt that this method is not a sleight of hand trick? What is he afraid of? Exposure? Only when it is proved under fraud proof conditions, using methods of science, that his powers are beyond science or human comprehension can his claims be accepted. Godmen must first prove that they are not using the sleight of hand method.

To expose this trick when the person is moving his hand in circles and at the same time when he brings the pellet to his fingers of crushing, jus slap the hand so that the pellet falls down and he is exposed.

Never in the history of miracles have godmen ever produced anything without the movement of the hands and the body. Therefore, if they are really materializing any object, they ought first to show their palm is empty without moving the hand or the body and materialize something on that empty palm held without moving. No one can materialize anything on their empty palm in this manner. If they can, they should agree to the investigation of their claims under fraud-proof conditions since we are confronted here by a mystery.


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