Monday, 12 March 2012

Piercing Tongue or Cheek with Needle or Trident

B Premanand

Experiment: 28

Effect: No pain or blood when the tongue or cheek is pierced with a sharp needle or trident.

Props: One very sharp needle or trident, tincture of iodine, cotton.


An activist of Periyar Dravida Kazhagam, Coimbatore
at the 8th FIRA National Conference in Nagpur
a) Pull the tongue out and, holding it tight, just pierce it with the sharp end of the needle or the trident with a straight swift stroke. Before the volunteer knows anything, you have pierced his tongue. There is no pain or blood. Draw out the needle or the trident straight.

b) Open the mouth with your finger and thumb from both sides, stretching the part of your cheek just beyond the lips. This is a very elastic flesh. Then merely push in the trident slowly and gently at a point about half an inch from where your lips start. Only a slight prick is felt. Push it right through the other side of the cheek. Remove it the same way keeping the cheek stretched with your fingers. There will be no blood or scar.

Is this a "miracle"?
If these are miracles then every woman or girl who pierces her ears and nose must also have supernatural powers. Instead of the trident they put orna­ments to beautify themselves. But Babas perform the same feat and claim it is a miracle.

In the 70's Palani Baba came to my home. He pierced his tongue with a trident and asked for Rs.250 for god. I told him that since god is believed to be the creator of all of us, the universe and its wealth, then we all as children of god have equal right of god's wealth. So a part of the money he had collected in the name of god also belonged to me. And I snatched about Rs.300 from his plate. When god is all powerful he does not need petty cash from his children. Moreover, god is not a beggar for us to give him money or anything. In fact, god has created all wealth for his children so that they may live in peace and harmony. 

He got angry, called me names and cursed me, saying I would die the next day. Thousands of babas have cursed me thus. If one believes in curses such dire negative suggestions always work. Later, I found that his piercing of the tongue was the trick described below. 

A trident with a bend in the shaft is also used by some
to creat a false impression of the tongue being being actually pierced


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