Saturday, 17 March 2012

Standing on Two Swords without the Feet Getting Cut

B Premanand

(Warning: Some of the tricks detailed in this series "Science Versus Miracles" should be performed only under the guidance of experts/professional magicians)

Experiment: 30

Effect: Standing on two swords without the feet getting cut.

Props: Two swords of the same size, one stool and some fruits or vegetables.

Method: The sharpness of the two swords is demonstrated by cutting some fruits or vegetables. Then two swords are held horizontally by two strong volunteers, each one holding the two ends of both the swords with the sharp edge up. The swords should be parallel, laid in level position, and held without the slightest shifting. The third volunteer climbs on the stool and the fourth volunteer helps him to stand on the swords, his feet crossed as he stands. When he gets off them, he shows his feet to the audience without any injury.

Nothing happens to the feet as he stands on the two swords cross wise and his weight is distributed on four spots of the two swords. Moreover, to cut anything one has to move the sword with pressure on the object like the move­ment of the saw. 

Experiment: 31

Effect: Two nails are inserted in the nostrils and hammered in. Then they are pulled out without any harm.

Props: 1/8" x 5" long stainless steel nails which are round and smooth, the points rounded without sharpness and a hammer.

Method: Hold the nails straight horizontally with the pointed ends to the face. Insert the two nails into the nostrils about 1/2". Lift the nose by the nails and slowly insert them into the nasal holes. If pushed slowly the nails will pass all the way up into the head. While pushing hold the nails tight between thumb and the pointing finger and act as if you are tapping the nails into your head with the hammer. After the demonstration pull the nails out slowly. 


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