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Sleeping On a Bed of Nails

B. Premanand

Experiement: 32

Effect: Sleeping on a bed of nails and making people walk on you without any harm.

Prpos: A nail-bed of 1 "thickness, 16" width and 27" long, hammered with 1/8" diameter 3" long nails 1/2" apart and a second piece of plywood screwed at the bottom. Another plywood of2' x 3' xl" with two wooden reapers screwed at the 2' side end. Pillows

Method: Lie down on the board as flat as you can with every part of your body resting on the nail bed. Only the portion of the body from below the shoulders upto the waist is on the nails. The weight of the body is evenly distributed on the nails. The arms are outside with elbow and upper arm resting on the floor which takes the major weight. The forearm and wrists are off the floor facing, upwards holding the top plank on the body. This board is placed squarely across the chest. The wrist and chest support only a part of the weight. They all help to balance the weight which the elbows take supported by the floor. The volunteer has to climb slowly over the top plywood first placing one foot and then the other foot, keeping a proper balance of his weight. Keep sufficient pillows under your head. You can also do the feat, stomach down, keeping the palms pressed firmly flat on the floor. Thus the weight of the person is taken by the elbow and knees which rest on the floor.


How can I explain to a group of 16 year olds how a bed of nails works?


A bed of nails works in terms of the area that the force on the nails is acting over. This has to do with the pressure that each nail is exerting on a body. If there is one nail is on the bed, then all of the force of the body is on the head of the nail. Since this a very small amount of surface area that the force is being applied to, the pressure is very large since P=F/A. This would cause a puncture in most materials, including human skin. If this area is significantly increased by adding a large amount of nails to the bed, then the pressure would be diminished by a large amount. This causes the pressure of each nail to not reach the necessary pressure to break through materials. This would then allow someone to be able to sit on nails and bring wonder to onlookers. 

 Experiement: 33

A volunteer is made to lie on two chairs without any support in the middle and a heavy person is made to stand on him.Stage hypnotic shows end with a hypnotised volunteer made to lie on two charis without any support in the middle. Then a heavy person is made to stand on him.  Later, when he is awakened and questioned whether he felt any weight on him, he answers no. This surprises the audience.

Effect: Making a person  lie stiff across two chairs, without any support in the middle, and asking the heaviest person  in the audience to stand on him , without collapsing.

Props: Three flat chairs and one towel.

Method: Place two chairs facing each other at a distance of the height of the volunteer and make him lie on the two chairs, his head on one and his feet on the other. See that his shoulders rest on the chair along with his head. Ask him to close his eyes and not to open them until you ask him to. Tell him that even if an elephant climbs on him nothing is going to happen to him ifhe keeps his eyes closed. If he opens his eyes and something untoward happens to him you are not to be held responsible. He will not dare to open his eyes. Pat his back and make him stiff. Ask the second volunteer, the stout man to climb on the third chair and with the help of the third volunteer place one foot first on the thighs, and the other on the stomach so that he stands on the prone person. Remove your hand from the back of the volunteer when you are sure that he is stiff. The audience is surprised that without any support in the middle, the first volunteer easily takes the weight. When the second volunteer comes down request the first volunteer to open his eyes and get off the two chairs. Ask him whether he felt any weight on his body. He will reply in the negative. And when you point to the person who had just stood on him he will be astonished that he took the weight without feeling it.

Anyone stiff in this position can take a weight of about 250 kg. on him without collapsing. The person is asked to close his eyes because ifhe sees the person going to stand on him, even before one foot is on him he will collapse with fright. He does not feel the weight because when a stiff object is supported on two chairs, any weight on the object is taken by the two supporting chain and not by the object.

There are hundreds of such feats which were demonstrated in the ear' history of miracles, to prove to the laymen that if they believed in particular g' such punishments meted out by the ruling class will not harm him. All can explained and demonstrated. Except for courage and guts, they need no sur natural power whatsoever to perform.


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