Saturday, 19 May 2012

India Untouched - A Documentary

[It is a widely held belief among the ruling, upper caste circles that the question of caste is no more an issue in India. We have chanced upon a documentary that unmasks this myth articulated by the very same people who practise casteism in a myriad of ways . This documentary is directed by Stalin, an activist film maker based in Ahmadabad. The text below is taken from Youtube where this documentary is uploaded]

"This Documentary is to those who claim that, "India has moved on, there is nothing called untouchability or cast-ism in India today". This is to show them the picture they failed to see till now, to remove the curtain of their eyes.

Those who claim that their should not be special rights for those belonging to backward castes..and they should be for poors.."This is how the 'Higher Castes' treat a Schedule Caste/Scheduled Tribe no matter what his financial state is". You talk about equality and a fight with equal stature..where is that equal stature now? If those rights are not fair, which are meant for them to lift them up from their low status, to give them a right to stand at 'equal' within a society, then is it fair that those so called "Savarnas..Higher Caste" are pushing them back in a deeper pit of backwardness, of social negligence, underdeveloped, poverty, and a state from where no one even gives a damn what will happen to that particular group of society...Is that Fair? Is it human?"


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