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Miracle of Multiplying Food: Jesus Christ to Satya Sai Baba

B Premanand

Jesus Christ is said to have multiplied 5 loaves of bread to 5000 and 7 into 7000. In Mahabharatha, Droupadi, wife of the five brothers, Pandavas, is said to have multiplied two grains of cooked rice to feed hundreds. Satya Sai Baba is also said to have multiplied food to feed his devotees.

Multiplying the Bread and Fish - Painting by Giovanni Lanfranco
If one sows one wheat seed, maybe one can reap 500 wheat grains. But once food is cooked it cannot multiply.

Earlier in 1940's to prove that cooked food can really multiply, people kept bread slices or chappathi in a wet cloth. It was opened after a week or month and was seen to have multiplied. Believers were flabbergasted by the miracle. But it was only the growth of fungus on the bread or chappathi by keeping it in wet cloth. There was nothing supernatural.

Experiment: 36

Effect: Popcorn, biscuit or toffee put into a container increase to many more.

Props: A long metal container and a short container with a rim projecting a little out and a long tight lid. Popcorn, or biscuits or toffees.

Method:  Tightly pack the long container with popcorn and insert the short container. Show the container and the lid. Reverse them at the same time, the mouth of the container to your side and the mouth of the lid to face the audi­ence. Put one popcorn into the container, close it with the long lid, move your hands remove the lid, and pour out the popcorn from the container.

If you want to multiply food in large quantities the food (or bread) has to be stored under the stage or under a table with a hole big enough to pass up the bread. Over this a table cloth is put with a hole fixed with a cloth which could be removed from the bottom. Over this hole is placed a vessel with a false bottom. Then put one bread in the empty vessel, and thereafter take as much bread as you have stored underneath, passed up to you by a boy hidden under the stage or under the table.

Jesus Christ transformed five loaves into 5000 on a sand mound.

A similar "miracle" was telecast on National TV in the serial "Rajni". Priya Tendulkar, the heroine, exposes a godman who produces from an empty vessel whatever fruits the devotees ask for. All the fruits were stored under the stage. The vessel was shown empty and kept on a particular place on the stage which had a hole. A person hidden below went on passing the fruit up through the false bottom when the audience named it. Priya went under the stage, tied up the youth, and started passing the wrong fruit so that the godman was exposed.

Satya Sai Baba is said to have produced various fruits from a tamarind tree in the dimness after sunset. Any fruit his followers asked for were pro­duced. Without storing the fruits beforehand no one can produce different fruits from a tamarind tree. This trick was performed by him in the early years of his life when there was not such a host of devotees in his ashram. He has stopped performing this trick now, along with the feat of multiplying food. 


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