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Eating Glass & Drinking Nitric Acid: Hata Yogi’s Other Tricks!

B Premanand

(Note: Some of the items described in this series should be performed only under proper expert guidance. One should never try them on one's own)

Experiment No. 49

Effect: A thread is put in one nostril and taken out through the other.

Props: 12" twine thread.

Method: There is a connection between the two nostrils. One has to practice putting the thread in one nostril without sneezing. Bend the top of the thread a little, push thread in the nostril and just exhale forcibly. The thread will come out of the other nostril. Then slowly draw it out.
Experiment: 50

Effect: Eating glass.

Zhang Yujian- a Chinese stuntman -eating light bulbs
If you know how to eat a banana you can also eat glass! Take a fused clear-bulb, wrap it in a handkerchief and smash it on the ground. Take a piece of glass from the broken bulb, put it on your tongue, transfer it to the masticating teeth and grind it into smooth powder. Fill your mouth with water, gargle and swallow the water with the powdered glass.           

Props: One fused clear bulb, one handkerchief, a jug of water, an empty glass tumbler, two bananas.     '

Method: Call a rustic boy from the audience, give him a banana and ask him if he knows how to eat a banana. Most village children peel the skin off the banana, and hold the peeled fruit in their hands to eat it. Stop him when he touches the banana with his hand and tell him that is not the way to eat a banana. One should not touch food unless the hands are properly washed with soap. So after peeling the skin, the banana should be held within its skin and then eaten. Demonstrate this as you eat the banana yourself.

Eating glass is not a trick. One must make sure that the glass pieces are completely powdered. This powder settles in the banana and is eliminated from the digestive system the next day.

What some people do is to spit the powdered glass into the tumbler while drinking water.  The powder of glass is not visible in water.           .

Experiment:  51

Effect: Drinking Nitric Acid.

Hatayogi demonstrated that he could drink Nitric acid, or any other acid as well as potassium cyanide and cobra venom.

Props: Capillary glass tube with large bore, one bottle of concentrated Nitric Acid (laboratory quality), another bottle of the same size one porcelain saucer, a copper piece, drinking water, polythene disk punched out, Vaseline.

Method: Before the performance, empty the Nitric Acid into another bottle of similar size. Clean the acid bottle and fill in with fresh water to the same level of acid. Dip the capillary tube into the Nitric Acid, close the top of the tube with your finger and lower it into the water bottle and release your finger. The liquid will find its own level. Then apply a little Vaseline on the top of the tube and fix the polythene disc on it. Remove the same and keep it on the table. Blow cigarette smoke into the water bottle and seal the opening the same way as the new Nitric Acid bottle.

Call two volunteers from the audience to participate in the experiment. You remove the lid of the water bottle and put the tube into it, at the same time palming the polythene disc on the top of the tube. Remove the tube from the bottle and pour contents of the tube into the saucer. Ask the volunteer to put the copper piece into the saucer when the reaction will start. See that they are satisfied that it is genuine Nitric Acid.

Immediately take the bottle of water and gulp down its contents. The audience is surprised to see nothing happens to you.

Potassium or sodium cyanide and cobra venom is poured into a double metal vessel. You act as if you are sipping the poison but actually the poison goes to the other side of the can and you show it empty. 


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