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Live Burial in a Pit under Samadhi

B Premanand

Pilot Saba of Delhi is an expert in live burial. In 1988 he was to perform an underground samadhi for 7 days at Nagpur in a pit of 10' x 10' x 10'. He was challenged as to why he needs such a big pit if after samadhi all his body functions came to a stop. He then agreed to do the feat in a glass chamber just enough for his body to fit. This would be sealed and made air-tight after re­moving the air. However, he never showed up to demonstrate his yogic powers.

Earlier, on October 1980, he had accepted a challenge to bury a person in a small pit just enough for him to sit in. He put Khareshwari Baba, a blind, deaf and dumb person, into a cemented pit of 10' deep and 3.5' square which was sealed. It was found that the helpless baba who did not know what was being done to him, had died inside and his putrefied body was infested with worms when he was removed. Though Pilot Saba had fixed a special contraption for oxygen he had forgotten to have an air exit. So pressure built up in the pit and the victim died.

Experiment: 47

Effect: Yogic burial.

A yogi sleeps on the ground near a pit of 6' x 3' x 3', goes into samadhi and becomes stiff. His pulse is checked and there is no pulse. In the stiff condition his body is lowered into the pit. The pit is then covered with planks or metal l' sheets and sealed with earth on the top. He comes out of the pit after four hours. 

Props: A pit of6' x 3' x 3'. One mat, a Turkish towel, 4' or 8' planks or metal sheets to cover the pit. Digger to spread earth on planks and to seal the pit.

Method: The volunteer lies down, becoming stiff in samadhi and there is no pulse. He is lowered in this stiff position into the pit and placed on the mat spread on the bottom. His face is covered with the Turkish towel so that the mud and the dust that falls when the earth is being spread on the planks do not get into his eyes and nose. The pit is closed with the planks or tin sheets and earth is spread on the planks and sides. The pit is completely sealed. After four hours the pit is opened and his body lifted out still in a stiff condition. He comes to life after a little while.

The air in the pit is enough for a person to remain sealed in for nine hours without any difficulty. Moreover, since the pit is not sealed completely with cement, air enters through the air holes in the ground; one hundred cubic feet of air is necessary for 24 hours. This has to be calculated after subtracting the body volume from the volume of the pit.

Experiment: 48

Effect: Live burial of head in a pit in shirshasana (upside down position). A small pit to fit the head of the mendicant, who does a head stand inside the pit. His assistant fills the pit with sand and he remains in this position for any number of hours.

Props: A pit of 12" x 12" x 12", one piece of thin cloth and cotton.

Method: The cotton is loosely inserted in the nostrils and the head is tied with the towel so that sand and dust does not enter his nose, mouth or eyes. The sand is filled loosely and he gets enough air through the pores in the mud to breath by mouth while standing with his head inside the ground. If someone tries to stamp the earth, the mendicant would jump up as he will get suffocated. 


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