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Yogic Siddhis – Stopping Pulse and Heart Beat

Godmen claim that when they are in samadhi all their bodily functions also stop like the pulse, heart-beat etc. The yogi asks the doctor to check his pulse. Then he goes into 'samadhi' and the doctor is surprised to find there is no pulse.

Experiment - 42

Effect: Stopping the pulse. 

Props: Two lemons or two handkerchiefs, a medical doctor.

Courtesy: Wikipedia
Method: Hold the two lemons in the two armpits. Or make a big knot in the handkerchiefs and tie them on either shoulder with the knots under the armpits. After the doctor examines the pulse, act as if you are meditating and going into samadhi. As you do so, slowly press the lemons or knots under the armpits. The doctor will note that the pulse is slowing down until it actually stops.

Pulse is the movement of blood in the artery. When the lemon or a knot under the armpit is pressed, the blood flow becomes slow and then stops.

A girl student of the Bhopal Medical College got the first prize in All India Yogic Competition at Kozhikode in Kerala for stopping her pulse through yoga. Some of my friends sent me the news report with her photograph. It was found that she had fooled the yoga examiners by simply pressing her hands against her chest muscles and thus stopping the pulse. Later, I found that she had earlier attended one of my lectures.

[Editor's note: A tennis ball too can be used instead of a lemon, as shown in the following video]

Experiment- 43

Effect: Stopping heart beat.

The yogi sits in padmasana and the doctor checks his heart beat. Then the yogi takes deep breaths, controls the breath, and goes into samadhi. The doctor finds that his heart beat is beating faster and faster and then slowing down until it has completely stopped.

Props:  Medical doctor with stethoscope.

Method: Fill the lungs with as much air as possible and keep the breath in by pressure in the abdomen and chest. An air cushion is thus created which absorbs the heart beats so that the doctor cannot detect them with his stethoscope.

Experiment - 44

Effect: Increasing the body temperature.

The yogi asks the doctor to check his temperature which would be normal. He sits in meditation and requests the doctor to check his temperature every five minutes. The doctor finds that within 15 to 30 minutes his temperature has risen to 104° F.

At the Occult Conferences at New Delhi and Bangalore in 1990, the press reported the claims of Dalai Lama that the Tibetan monk can control the cold through meditation. And that they remain naked without feeling cold. In the conference the above stunt was demonstrated as to how they increase the body heat and control the winter cold.

In reality, if the temperature of a person rises above the normal tempera­tures of 97.6°F., he is ill and suffering from fever. If the temperature increases to 102° F or above, he shivers even in hot weather. Thus the increase in body temperature cannot control the cold.

Cold is felt when coldness touches the skin and through the skin pores it gets registered in the brain. So, to control cold we wear warm clothes which do not absorb the cold. They thus help the body to retain its normal temperature. What really helps Tibetans is not the meditation but the application of yak fat all over their bodies which helps the body to retain its heat and also stops the cold from coming directly into contact with skin.

Props: Soap of 8 to 10 ph value of 50 paisa coin size and diameter. A cup of hot and very strong tea made with 3 spoons of tea leaves. A doctor and a thermometer.

Method: Ask the doctor to check the temperature. Chew the soap and swallow it. He will find it normal. Now drink the cup of tea, and act as if you are doing pranayama (controlling the breath). Request the doctor to check your temperature every five minutes. He will find that it is rising by 10 to 20 F every five minutes until it reaches near about 1040 F.

This is a chemical reaction. Heat is generated when alkali and acid come together. The soap is alkaline and tea has 35% tannic acid. When both these combine in the stomach a reaction takes place and heat is generated, which will go on until the reaction is over. After the demonstration drink as much cold water as possible to bring down the temperature to normal. 


Explain Wim Hof.

Also I heat my own body up in meditation without any of the stuff you mention in this article and I don't practise pranayama to do it, I just do it, and I don't really know how. I don't consider it really impressive though that I can do this. Maybe I could take your challenge and win it? It doesn't seem like a miracle to me though, it's just like moving your arm or controlling your body in other ways, simply an effort of the will.

All you prove is there are fraudulent means of doing these things. Doesn't mean people can't do those things without those things mentioned

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