Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Christian Miracles: How Christianity Came To India

B Premanand

About one thousand nine hundred and odd years ago, when St. Thomas visited Kerala, he saw Kerala Brahmins (Namboodiri Brahmins) performing shraadha ceremony. He enquired as to what they were doing throwing water upwards. They replied that they were sending water to the Pithrus, the dead ancestors.

St. Thomas smiled and said that their gods had no power because the water they send upwards to heaven fell to the ground. We are told he then poured some water in his vessel, prayed that the water may reach the dead, and showed his vessel was indeed empty. Seeing this miracle all the brahmins there became Christians.

Experiment: 52

Effect: Water sent to heaven.

Pour water into the vessel. Move the vessel up as if you are sending water to heaven, then show the vessel empty.

Props: The trick-vessel, and water in a jug.

Method: The trick-vessel is so made that when tilted to the left side, the water goes into a second compartment. When it is tilted to the right side the water reappears.

Experiment: 53

Effect: Producing Ganges water from an empty vessel.

Props: Same trick-vessel with water filled beforehand.

Method: Tilt the vessel to the left and show the vessel is empty. Invoke the goddess Ganga and act as if Ganges water is filling into the vessel invisibly      from your hair. Then tilt it to the right side, water flows out. Though Indian godmen calling themselves avatars of Shiv had the same kind of vessel wherein they produced Ganges water, they could not make out that St. Thomas had used the same vessel.

How Africans Became Christians

African witch-doctors could not save their tribesmen from the bullets of the invaders from Europe, though they prepared a balm to be applied on their body. Christian missionaries brought a magician with them and demonstrated that if anyone had full faith in Christ, he would not be harmed by the bullets.

Experiment: 54

Effect: Catching a bullet in the mouth when fired.

Props: A gun, one bullet, and chemicals.

Method: Fill the gun with chemicals so that when it is fired one hears only the sound. But the victim acts as if he has swallowed the bullet, taking it out of his mouth!

Reproduced with permission from Indian CSICOP.  For other articles from Science Versus Miracles we have already published ( please click here


Fucking Christians. How can they believe their own shitty religion and yet play tricks like this?

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