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Satya Sai Baba Miracle: Producing Shiva Linga from the Mouth

B Premanand

On the night of Shivarathri, while the devotees are engaged in singing bhajans, Satya Sai Baba goes into labour. He squirms with pain, his right hand pressing on his stomach, heart and neck. While wiping the tears sweat and saliva with a towel, he suddenly "gives birth" to an oval gold or stone linga from his mouth.

Experiment: 68

Efect: Shiva Linga emerging from the mouth.

Props: An oval stone, one bath towel, ell starched, and a flower-pot.

Sai Baba regurgitating Shiva Lingam
Method: The oval stone is hidden inside the towel and placed in the flower vase as a decoration. While the right hand presses your body to the sound of groans, you take the towel and start wiping the sweat and tears. When your hand reaches your neck, saliva flows from your mouth. Under the pretence of wiping the saliva, the towel is applied to the mouth. The oval stone is placed half inside your mouth and when you lower the towel, it appears as if the oval stone is emerging from your mouth. Satya Sai Baba bas stopped performing this trick also after we demonstrated it in Anantapur, and made fun of him about his homosexuality as narrated by Tal Brooke in his book "Lord of the Air".

Experiment: 69

Effect: Turning Stone into Sugar Candy.

Satya Sal Baba, while walking on the river bank of Chitravati, asked Dr. Bhagavantam, a physicist, to pick up a stone and give it to him. The scientist did so. Then Satya Sal Baba put it into his mouth 3l1d asked him to eat it. It was sugar candy.

Props: White stone, Palmyra candy or sugar candy.

Method:  Palm a piece of the candy. Ask someone to pick up a small stone which you point out to him and give it to you. Take the stone in your fingers and while moving transfer the candy to your fingers while palming the stone. Put it in the mouth of the volunteer and ask him to eat it. It will be sugar candy.

Experiment: 70

Effect:  Producing a copious flow of water from a small vessel.

After washing the feet of Satya Sai Baba, that water is filled in a gold pot and distributed to thousands of the devotees. It looks as if endless quantity of water is flowing from the vessel.

Props: Special pot and water.

Method: Fill the vessel with water. With your thumb close the hole on the neck of the vessel and slowly pour it out until it is empty. Put it down with the mouth up and remove the thumb. Water in the outer pot fills into the inner pot. Again reverse it with the thumb on the hole. Water flows out. In the same way you can repeatedly pour out water to small quantities until the water in the vessel is almost empty.

This vessel is devised by using the following two-scientific principles.

Experiment: 71

Effect: Water does not fall from a glass when covered by a paper and inverted

Props: One glass tumbler, water, and a thick paper to cover the mouth of the glass.

Method: Water in a glass is covered with a thick paper. When turned over neither the paper nor the water falls down. This is due to atmospheric pressure exerted on the paper.

Experiment: 72

Effect: Water does not spill out from a narrow-necked bottle when it is inverted.

Props: A soft drink bottle, a plastic insertion to make the neck narrower, and water.

Method: Turn over the soft drink bottle of water and show the water falling out. Then move your hand over the neck of the bottle stealthily putting the plastic insertion into the nock and reverse. Water will not fall down. Then, put a match stick through the hole of the plastic insertion which will float in the water.

This is based on the scientific principle “equal quantity of air has to enter the bottle to disperse equal quantity of water”. Due to the narrow neck when it is sealed by the water, air cannot enter the bottle to disperse water.

Reproduced with permission from Indian CSICOP.  For other articles from Science Versus Miracles we have already published please click here (


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