Sunday, 2 September 2012

Swayambhu: Making Idols Appear by themselves from Earth!

B Premanand

Experiment: 55

EffectProducing Ganga water from hands or beard.

Props: Cloth or sponge dipped in water.

Method: Hide the cloth or sponge where you sit. Show your hands empty and palm the sponge or cloth. Press the hands together, or with the beard, and the water in the sponge or cloth is squeezed out.

Experiment: 56

Effect:  Idols appearing by themselves from earth as Swayambhu.

Whenever someone wants to build a temple, the god man or the priest has a dream in which he is informed that an idol of the god will appear at a certain spot out of the ground. Prayer is offered at that place. The next day he starts the prayers, getting gullible people to participate and on the exact spot shown to him in the dream. He marks the place, chants mantras non-stop, and then consecrates it with water. Within two or three days an idol of the god rises out of the ground by itself at the exact spot. Astounded believers pour money into the coffers of the baba and he soon becomes rich.

Props: Bengal gram (chickpea) to the weight of the idol or minimum 2 kg. A pit to the exact size of idol but 12" deeper than the idol.

Bengal gram swells as it sprouts
 pushing the idol upwards above the grund
Method: Without the knowledge of others, dig a pit, put the Bengal gram m the pit and place the idol on Bengal gram which should be about 2" lower than the ground level. Fill the pit and smooth over the ground to look natural. Mark the place.

The next day you reveal your dream, put up decorations and banners, start the prayers and the non-stop singing of bhajans. Water is sprinkled at intervals to soak the spot. Bengal gram swells and germinates as it sprouts pushing the idol upwards above the ground.

Experiment: 57

Effect:  Red feet of the goddess on the cloth.

To prove that he is possessed by the Goddess, an oracle washes his feet with water and walks over a cloth. The red foot-prints of the goddess appear on the cloth.

Props: Turmeric powder, slaked lime, water and a white cloth. METHOD: A white cloth is dipped in turmeric solution until is gets yellow. It is then dried and the turmeric powder sticking on the cloth removed. In a vessel slaked lime solution is stored as water. The oracle acts as ifhe is possessed by the Goddess. He then washes his feet in this water and walks on the cloth. Red foot-prints appear by the reaction of turmeric powder with slaked lime.

Reproduced with permission from Indian CSICOP.  For other articles from Science Versus Miracles we have already published please click here ( 


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