Saturday, 27 October 2012

Miracles of Godmen, Psychics and Tantriks

B Premanand

Once while in Bombay, a youth approached me to help him. His mother, a widow, was not able to get her daughter married without dowry and was approaching many godmen to bless her. At that time, a particular godman was visiting their home to conduct -prayers. The youth needed my help to expose him.

After prayers the Baba asked the daughter to bring a little mud, which he wrapped in a paper. After chanting some mantras, he gave it to the girl to open. Surprisingly, the mud had been transformed into haldi powder. He declared that god was very pleased as haldi is the sign of good luck. Again he touched the haldi powder and it was transformed into Kumkum, the sign of marriage. He blessed her and predicted she will get married within two months. Pocketing five hundred rupees the fellow left.

I did not want to denounce the man then. But I told the youth that we should wait for two months until his mother herself realized the man was a fraud. Then I would talk to her

Later, when I visited Bombay again, the youth met me and took me to his home. The daughter was still not married. I then demonstrated the same trick of the Baba and explained how be had done it.

Experiment: 73

Courtesy: Wikipedia
Effect: Transformation of mud into Haldi (turmeric powder) and haldi into Kumkum.

Props: Two pieces of paper of same size and quality. In one a little haldi is packed. Slaked lime container in your pocket.

Method: Palm the haldi packet. Keep the other paper in hand. Keep the slaked lime container in your pocket

Ask a person to bring a little bit of mud, wrap it in the piece of paper the same way haldi was packed and bring it near your face. While chanting mantras, palm the mud packet and bring the haldi packet forward and give it to the person to open. He will be surprised to see haldi. While the attention of the people is on the haldi, put your hand into your pocket and touch the slaked lime on your index finger. Stir the haldi powder with the index finger and it will change to red kumkum (saffron).

I explained to her that no prayers can help anyone. We must all struggle to fill our six inches of belly for no prayer can ever get it filed up. I requested her not to worry about religion or caste, and allow the girl to choose her own husband and marry. Later, she found someone and got married. 


Nobody should be allowed to marry or if they do they should be sterile because producing children ensures they will face the total annihilation of death. I have personally told my parents that I wish they never conceived me or that they had drowned me in a bathtub when I was younger. I hate this world so much and just want to see a miracle but everything is always just a fucking trick. To me the most evil thing you can do to a sentient being is give birth to them in this world and it is an unforgivable act and I hate my parents for having made me. Anti-natalism is the correct philosophical position. I wish we could destroy the whole universe to ensure no life could ever take hold in it again but it seems that the evolution of life, ultimately leading to sentient beings, is an unavoidable catastrophe in this forsaken universe.

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