Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Science versus Miracles: Fire by Mental Power

B Premanand

In 1980 a number of yajnas were conducted on behalf of our Prime Minister, Indira Gandhi, for her long life. But the yajnas could not save her. She was assassinated in 1984.

A yajna was performed at Delhi by one Sadachari Sai Baba, a youth with black beard and long hair. Millions of people witnessed the yajna. The special significance of the yajna was that when he poured two or three spoonfuls of ghee (clarified butter) on the firewood and concentrated on it by mental power, it got lighted and began to burn.

This Baba made about eighty-six lakhs of rupees within three days of the yajna. He was exposed in Singapore when he collected money for a yajna to treat incurable disease and was deported to India by the Government. While at Madras Airport, when the customs department wanted to search his luggage, he became panicky. His hand-bag fell and caught fire. He was charge-sheeted for carrying explosives in his baggage.

Later, when he tried to raise the Kundalini Shakti of his followers at Bombay, he was exposed. He was using an electronic instrument which would give a shock to any person when he touched their head. He explained that the shock was the sign of rising of the sexual energy to sahasrara. Now criminal proceedings have been taken against him for murdering his first wife. These godmen claim to be the avatars of Krishna who had thousands of lovers. His modus operandi was to cure incurable diseases through yajna (Homa therapy).

When these godmen and Babas claim to have sacrificed everything, it is surprising that they are after money, fame and women. The last charge on him is for running a prostitute den in his ashram. He used to lure the rich to the den in the guise of Kundalini awakening and blackmail them after photographing them in compromising positions with the call-girls.

How did the Baba create fire?

Experiment: 75

Effect: Fire by mental power.

Props: Dry wood shavings or paper pieces, a metal plate, potassium permanganate and glycerin.

Crystals of Potassium Permanganate
Method: Arrange some dry wood shavings or paper pieces in a metal plate with some powdered potassium permanganate in the centre. In the guise of pouring ghee, pour two or three drops of glycerin over the potassium perman­ganate with a spoon, and act as if you are sending mental power through your eyes and fingers. With glycerine on potassium permanganate, a reaction takes place, first smoke comes out, and then the paper catches fire and flares.


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