Sunday, 11 November 2012

Science versus Miracles: Making words appear miraculously on paper dipped in milk

B Premanand

In 1984 at the international Occult Conference held at Delhi and chaired by the then Supreme Court Justice VR. Krishna Iyer, one Balti Baba asked some person from the audience to write down a question each and keep the paper in their pocket. Balti Baba then immersed similar pieces of paper in a bucket with milk and their questions appeared on the blank papers. Then he answered them. The Justice expressed high praise of the godman.

Experiment: 79

Effect: Your questions appear on paper when It is dipped in milk.

Props: Clip-board with two perforated sheets of paper and a ball pen.

Method: Keep one perforated sheet out of sight in the clip-board and ask four people to write their questions on the top sheet. After writing the questions, ask them to tear off the pieces at the perforation, and keep them in their pockets, without anyone seeing it. Ask them to write in capital letters giving them a ball pen. Collect the clip-board through your assistant. He removes the perforated sheet from the inside of the clip-board stealthily and keeps it on the table. Make it into four pieces at the perforation with the writing facing you so that the audience sees only the blank side. Immerse the pieces in milk, chanting incantations, and remove one by one, reading the questions and answering them as they appear on the paper. 


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