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Science versus Miracles: Ringing a bell without its rod

B Premanand

A godman in Madras, Pandrimalai Swami (now dead), was caught with 76lakhs of rupees unaccounted money in 1976. He was a clerk in the Registrar’s office and resigned when he found that it is more paying to be an astrolo­ger and a tantrik. No one goes to them unless he has a problem. When people approached him, he told them that their stars were in very bad position. So unless they propitiated the Nava Grahas (9 planets) they would suffer. To see if his prediction was correct he would give them a bell without a rod. If divine grace was there it would ring. Otherwise, they would find that the bell did not ring. 

He collected Rs.50/- for the prayaschitta puja and after the prayers he moved the bell and it rang. He again gave the bell to the person and when he moved, it did not ring. He said that it was due to the very strong bad effects of the stars and so he would have to perform another powerful prayer which would cost the man Rs.5000/- The worried man went home and took a loan believing that his life would prosper afterwards. The Baba conducted an elaborate prayer to the planets, held the hand of the victim and moved the bell. Surprisingly it rang. He blessed him saying that everything would be all right within a few months. But nothing happened and he found no solution to his problem. Most of the godman's victims were unable to repay the loan and committed suicide.

Experiment: 80

A pair of cowbells
Effect: Ringing a bell without its rod (clapper).

Props: One bell without a rod (bell), and a cow-bell.

Method: The cow-bell is tied in the armpit. When you loosen the armpit and move the bell, a ringing sound is heard. And when the armpit is pressed and the bell in your hand moves, there is no sound. 


There are thousand ways in which the so-called godmen can fool the stupid people believing in supernatural powers.There is no end to it unless the people are able to come out of their blind belief in miracles.

Well said. Unless we develop critical thinking, there will be a tendency to fall back on this or that miracle when faced with problems in our life. We are familiar with people who hop from one temple/darga/church to other searching for 'life-changing' miracle! Debunking miracles is a tool to teach critical thinking.

Sri la Sri pandrimalai tathaa swamigal was a great Saint. He still blesses his devotees from his jeeva smadhi. Without any truth, talking ill about tathaaa swamigal is a sin.There is no limits for his miraculous deeds from his jeeva smadhi. Vaalga pandrimalai swamigal, Guruve saranam

Well said Meenashi Ananth. In this "high tech" age people are bound to question saints. Some, like the author of this article, do it arrogantly. Let me assure you, they'll pay for it. I've seen it happen.

Today I wouldn't be alive, had it not been for Pandrimalai Swamigal(Siddhar). He takes care of me and my family, though he is not physically present with us. I and my family are ever indebted to Prandrimalai Swamigal.

My guru srilasri venkatarama siddhar highly praised pandrimalali swAmigal.he wouldnt have praised him if he was not genuine. Guru saranam

100% true Raghavan Narayanasamy.

Pandrimalai Bhagwan was a Siddha Purusha of the highest order..whose philosophy in life was UNBE SIVAN.
He was the most kind and loving Guru/teacher ever.his Misson in life was to serve with love and teach those souls who asked for guidance.
We are fortunate to be still blessed as we feel his loving kindness in our every day lives
May all sold live in peace and harmony.
Humble loving namaskara at the holy feet of our beloved Pandrimalai Bhagwan.

This article about a great siddha who was a jivanmukta , the embodiment of compassion is very disturbing.He still blesses people from his jeeva samadhi.

I feel really happy on seeing the responses of devotees of a True Sidha Purusha (Aasaan Sadguru Sri La Sri Pandrimalai Swamighal)Who is worshiped as Lord Sri Muruga and also Lord Sri Maha Vishnu. His Holy Feet are being worshiped even now my many number of devotees across the globe. I make an appeal to all the "non-believers" of God-men not to write anything that they do not understand.

It is a pity that utter gibberish like this finds its way in the Internet. My family has known this Saint and his spiritual lineage for six decades. Mr Premanand is utterly wrong. Wonder what made him write this drivel. Sri Pandrimalai Swamighal led a blemishless life. Though He had immense spiritual powers, He always said that He was a servant of God.
Ultimately I feel bad for sri Premeanand who has been misled badly by somebody.

where i can read biography of srila sri pandrimalai swamigal

My entire family has been a devotee of Sri Pandrimalai Swamigal and our family had personally visited him multiple time. Not even on one occasion, did we offer anything in cash or anything materialistic nor was asked to do so. The only thing we got in return was 'Vibudhi'

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