Sunday, 16 December 2012

Science versus Miracles: Burning a Ghost

B Premanand

Experiment: 83

Snapshots from the BBC Documentary Guru Busters
Effect: Burning a ghost

95% possession syndrome is found among girls, married women and old women, and only 5% among males.

This possession syndrome is the effect of problems at home where the do not get enough attention and love from the family. And unsatisfied sex life is the main problem with married women. Older women are jealous because of lack of attention from husbands and sons. Instead of looking into the cause of the problem, they go to tantriks for a cure. These tantriks know their problems, and to exploit the family they teach the affected person some poltergeist tricks. Or in the guise of exorcising a dead spirit or ghost, they conduct some rituals where fire is made and carry out animal and fowl sacrifices etc. The possessed one is beaten and forced to give some name of the dead person who has possessed her, or he himself may suggest the name of a dead person. If the case is a difficult one, some powder is thrown on her and with the sweat, her body burns. He frightens her that if she does not stop the spirit act, he will blow the powder into her eyes. It is chilly powder which he blows. Sometimes a red-hot iron is also pressed on her body and thighs. Out of pain and fear, she agrees to be well. To burn the ghost or dead spirit, he hands her a coconut in which the ghost which has possessed her has entered. She holds the coconut in her two hands and, he sprinkles holy water over the coconut until fire bursts from it. Then the coconut is hit on the ground and blood flows from the broken coconut. He explains that the ghost has been burnt and its blood has come out.
Snapshots from the BBC Documentary Guru Busters

Props: One coconut with fibre at the top, Sodium metal, big syringe, potassium permanganate.  

Method: There are three eyes on the top of the coconut one of which is soft. Make a thick solution of potassium permanganate in water and inject it into the coconut through the soft eye and seal the hole with wax.

Prior to the demonstration, keep a small piece of sodium metal in the coconut fibre which is injected with potassium permanganate solution. Call a volunteer, ask him to hold the coconut in his two hands straight away from the body. Chant incantations while sprinkling water on the coconut. Suddenly fire will burst out. Then break the coconut. Potassium permanganate solution with the coconut water flows out looking like blood.

Sodium reacts with water and bursts into flame.

Experiment: 84

Effect: Flowers come out of coconut when it is broken.

To prove that god is pleased, the tantrik breaks a coconut and bloomed jasmine flowers fall out from the coconut.

Props: One coconut, jasmine buds, a pointed thick needle and wax.

Method: Remove the soft eye of the coconut, suck out the coconut water and fill through the hole jasmine buds, one by one. Then close the hole with a bit of wax and cover it with the top fibre. Do this the previous night.

Ask the volunteer from the audience to come to the stage, give him the coconut and ask him to break it on the floor. He will be surprised to see jasmine flowers coming out of the coconut. 


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