Saturday, 26 January 2013

Poltergeist Phenomena – How Hutments Catch Fire Suddenly?

B Premanand

In many villages hutments catch fire and get gutted suddenly which is claimed to be the handiwork of poltergeist or ghosts.

Experiment: 85

(Note: This image of a hut
on fire has nothing  to do with
poltergeist phenomenon)
Effect:  Poltergeist phenomena. Hutments catch fire suddenly.

Props: Wet cow dung, yellow phosphorus.

Method: In Indian villages people make cow dung cakes and dry them on the thatched roof to use as fuel. Mix some yellow phosphorus in a wet cow-dung cake. When it dries in the sun, fire is produced and the thatch catches fire.

Experiment: 86

Effect: Clothes kept in cupboard or hung out to dry suddenly catch fire. This is said to be a poltergeist phenomena.

Props: Yellow or white phosphorous solution in carbon disulphide 1:6

Method: Pour a little of this solution on the cloth and within a short time when it gets dry, it will catch fire.

Experiment: 87

Effect: A seashell turns on a stick when holy water is sprinkled on it.

When something is stolen, to trace the thief, people approach a tantrik. A spirit-rite is performed where a dry twig is planted in the earth and a seashell is placed on the tip.  He takes some water and after chanting mantras, it is sprinkled on the twig and the seashell. Suddenly the shell starts moving slowly and when it stops moving, the tantrik says that if the stolen property is not recovered within three days, the thief will die a dreadful death.  Then he breaks the twig into two. Within three days, the stolen material is recovered from the direction in which the sell has moved.

Props: 6” dry twig, seashell and water in a pot.

Method: Secretly twist the twig as much as possible holding both ends with two hands. Plants it in the earth and place the shell over it. While chanting mantras, sprinkle water on the stick. It will start turning along with the shell.


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