Monday, 28 January 2013

Science versus Miracles: Ghostly Fires at Night

B Premanand

While walking through fields at night, suddenly one sees fire of 6 to 12 feet high which is considered to be poltergeist phenomena.

Experiment: 92

Effect: Ghostly fires at night.

Props: Kerosene, a cloth swab on a stick, matches.

Method: Learn to blowout water in minute spray from mouth. Then fill the mouth with kerosene, light the stick and blow kerosene over it, sitting in a pit. The fire will rise up to six to twelve feet.

Instead of getting frightened and running away, if one goes to the place where the fire was seen, it is possible to catch the person. To frighten people coming to the place where some illicit work is going on, smugglers do this trick. 

(Related article from Wikipedia: Fire Breathing)


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