Saturday, 26 January 2013

Science versus Miracles: Lighting Candles by Prayers

B Premanand

On Madras television, Rev. Dinakaran, a CST evangelist, lighted candles with his prayers.

Experiment: 88

Effect: Lighting candles by prayers

Image: Courtesy: Wikipedia
Props: Solution of yellow or white phosphorus in carbon disulphide (1:1), and a new big candle.

Method: Dip the candle wick in the phosphorous solution and keep it on the candle stand. Chant the prayers, and when the solvent evaporates the candle will catch fire.

Experiment: 89

Effect: Lighting candles by simply touching them.

Props: Two candles, chromic acid crystals, pure methyl or ethyl alcohol.

Method: Place a few crystals of chromic acid in the cavity hollowing out a shallow ring around the wick of one candle. Dip the wick of the other candle in the alcohol. Touch the candle with alcohol with the other candle with chromic acid. Both will get lighted. 


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