Sunday, 27 January 2013

Science Versus Miracles: Smoke From One’s Fingers

B Premanand

To prove that when they concentrate heat comes from their body, persons with the so-called ‘psychic powers’ rub their thumb and index finger and smoke comes from them.

Experiment: 90

Effect: Smoke from one’s fingers.

Props: Yellow phosphorous and carbon disulphide solution (1:6)

Method: Apply a drop of the above solution and rub the finger with the thumb briskly and smoke will be produced.  The more you rub, the more smoke will come from the fingers.  While rubbing the fingers, concentrate on them as if you are using mental power.

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Experiment: 91

Effect: Burning cloth and restoring it.

The tantrik catches hold of the dhoti or a piece of cloth of a person and brings out a portion through the closed fist.  He burns out that portion and when he removes the hand from the dhoti or cloth, it is unburnt and fully restored.

Props: 3” piece of cotton dhoti cloth matching any one of the dhotis generally used.

Method: Palm the piece of cloth with the centre of the cloth in between thumb and index finger. The cloth piece should match the dhoti of the volunteer. Hold the portion of the dhoti in your left hand and pull out the centre part of the palmed cloth.  Light it and show it is being burnt. Extinguish the fire with your right palm at the same time pushing it inside the left palm. Remove the hand, palming the burnt cloth, and show the dhoti unburnt.


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