Friday, 1 February 2013

Science versus Miracles: Predicting Question through Your Ears!

B Premanand

It is believed that Kama Pishachini Devi can sense everything through her ears - seeing, tasting, smelling, hearing and touching. She also sees through everything - even the minds of people.

The oracle gets possessed by Kama Pishachini Devi and the devotees write their personal problems on pieces of paper distributed by the priest who folds them twice. After collecting the folded papers, the oracle keeps them one by one in his ears and tells the question and answers them.

Experiment: 93
Effect: Predicting question through your ears.

Props: Pieces of 3”x 3” paper of same quality, and a pen. An accomplice among the devotees.

Method: Collect the folded papers from the audience, one of which is your accomplice. Ask him to write a preplanned question and that paper is kept at the bottom of the stack of questions. Take one slip from the top of the stack, keep it in your ears and tell the question of your accomplice and as if to check whether the question is correct, open the paper and tell this question when you keep the next paper in your ears. This method is called “one step ahead”. An­swer the questions in a witty way.


Thanking you so much for this great information. You did wonderful work.Sarkari Naukri

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