Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Science versus Miracles: Demonstrating Psychic Powers with Playing Cards – Part II

B Premanand

The psychic is blindfolded. The volunteer is asked to select a card from the card pack given to him and place it on the table with the back of the card up. The blind folded psychic moves his index finger over the card and identifies it correctly.

Experiment: 109

Effect: Telling the card while blind folded.

Props: Cloth for blind-fold, marked cards.

Because of our protruding noses, however tight one ties a blind fold, the person can see through the space between cheeks and the nose. When the knots are being tied, close your eyes tight. After the knots are tied, open the eyes. When the wrinkles are gone you will be able to see down through the side of the nose. The cards are marked on the back. Pass your index finger over the card slowly as if you are seeing with your “third eye” while you are looking for the marks, one by one. Tell the colour, then the symbol and lastly the value of the card.


Blind-folded Card Tricks by Lennart Green


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