Saturday, 25 May 2013

Science versus Miracles: Burning Water with Psychic Power

B Premanand

The psychic takes a bowl of water. He moves hishand over the water and it explodes with fire.

Experiment: 117

Effect: Burning water with psychic power

Props: A bowl, hot water, Sodium metal and a thimble.

Method: Hide me sodium metal in the thimble. Show the bowl of water and pass your hand over the water allowing the sodium to drop into the water. It will start burning.

Experiment: 118

Effect: When you spit, fire bursts out.

The psychic fills this mouth with water and spits into the bowl when fire bursts out.

Props:  CP Ether, bowl, Potassium metal and water in a glass tumbler.

Method: Take a bowl containing three tablespoons full of CP Ether and a small piece of potassium metal. Fill your mouth with water and spit it into the bowl. The potassium metal flares up setting fire to the ether which rises to me surface of me water. 


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