Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Science versus Miracles: Eating Hot Chillies

B Premanand

A holy man goes on eating hot chillies like sweets to prove that he is above sensation. He also offers some of the chillies to the audience and when they eat they find them very hot.

Experiment: 115

Effect: Eating hot chilies.

Props: Pure Olive Oil, hot Chillies

Method: Unless food gets dissolved in saliva, absorbed by the taste receptacles, and that your tongue and mouth is fully coated with olive oil. Then when you eat chillies, they are not directly in contact with your saliva and the taste receptacles. So you do not have the burning sensation in the mouth.


There's a lot of other ways to do this then what you've mentioned here also some of us just don't find hot spicy peppers to be hot because we're used to eating such foods or we don't have much of a sense of taste or genetic variation also one could simply learn to control their reaction to it while still in reality tasting it. I also think it's actually possible through meditation to overcome sensation but it's not very impressive so I wouldn't call it a miracle. I can eat hot peppers raw without using olive oil and not be bothered by it. Could I win your million dollars or ummm rupees challenge by doing so? It just doesn't seem like a miracle to me it's too mundane.

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