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Science versus Miracles: Lifting a Rice Pot with a Knife

B Pemanand

Whenever I try to explain and educate the people about the falsity of miracles, supernatural and psychic powers, the news media confuse them with stories of supernatural powers. While I was in Andhra Pradesh conducting a Vijnan Yatra, the news media came up with the story of a temple. When a married couple is childless, it is believed that if they go to this temple and pray, they will be blessed with a child. The idol in the temple is a six feet tall naked Kala Bhairava in stone. When I enquired about the truthfulness of the story, I found that about 90% of the ladies were really blessed with children. I was curious to know this god’s method of blessing childless women. I knew only one way by the practice of Aum, the Srishti Mantra.

A friend accompanied me with his wife who acted as my wife. I knew that for the blessings of the gods, one has to shell out much money. So we went dressed very shabbily. I met the priest and told him that in spite of my marriage, I had not yet become a father. I begged him to pray for the blessing of the god so that there would be someone to perform the shraddha ceremony when we died. As I was already old, he would have to do his best.

The priest sat in thought as if he was searching for the reason why I had not become a father. He looked at me and said that I had bad times with the dangerous planets Rahu and Ketu circling my head. That was why I did not become a father. He looked at the lady and told her since she had murdered a child in her past birth, the curse of that child was hovering around her head and so she would not become a mother. These planets would have to be propitiated and the soul of the child appeased. For this five thousand rupees would need to be spent for, the prayaschitta puja. For two hours we pleaded poverty, and finally he came down to Rs250/- which we paid. Then we were asked to bring a panchaloha pot filled with rice. The lota was available on rent. He gave us a knife and asked us to pray to the Lord Kala Bhairava with full faith, then insert the knife in the vessel filled with rice and lift the knife. If the god was pleased the vessel filled with rice would rise with the knife and we would be blessed with a child.

We prayed, touching each other, and raised the knife after inserting it in the vessel, but the vessel did not come up along with the knife. He told us that what he has found through intuition was correct. And he started the prayaschitta puja which continued for about an hour. With each word he inserted the knife in the vessel and took it out now and then. After the propitiation prayer was over, we were asked to insert the knife straight down into the rice and lift the knife. He helped us in this and surprisingly the vessel also lifted along with the knife. He explained the prayer had worked.

The next step was that the lady should be closeted in the sanctum sanctorum and have sex with the idol. She was a brave woman. After she entered into the sanctum sanctorum, the doors were closed. It was utter darkness inside as there was no windows or ventilators. She stood at the place where the priest had sat for the prayers as there was a plank on the ground which he had used for sitting. After some minutes she heard footsteps coming towards her from behind the idol. She was ready with the plank in her hand and she hit the person with it. Since it was sudden, and it had never happened before, the person fell down. The plank also hit the idol and the private parts of the naked idol broke off. She banged on the door, and we got it opened. A man was sprawled on the floor and the idol had lost its genitals. We took the picture of the idol. We now knew how the women who prayed at that temple got pregnant. The women who got pregnant were those whose husbands were impotent. They were not blessed by the god, but by the priest. Those who were barren were not blessed.

In earlier year Satya Sai Baba had also blessed hundreds of women with children. The modus operandi was that the wife would stay in the ashram and continue to pray in the morning and night. At the time of going to sleep she would be given a cup of milk and she would fall unconscious. Then the godman would see that she got pregnant. Our ministers like Y. B. Chavan and T.A. Pai had also approached him for blessing them with a child, but because they did not leave their wives there, Satya Sai Baba could not bless them with children.

In 1987, at Satara in Maharashtra, a Baba blessed several married women with children and the law enforcement department could not arrest him as the women would not come forward as witnesses. The skeptic group in Maharashtra, Andha Shraddha Nirmoolan Samithi, after talking to the molested women of the danger of allowing the Baba to continue the notorious activity, finally persuaded them to come forward as witnesses. He was prosecuted and jailed. For the first time in India, the Maharashtra Law Enforcement department issued orders to all police stations to help the skeptic groups to expose such frauds and to give them protection when they went to tile public to educate them about such frauds.

But other state governments and the Central Government, being a party to such frauds like Satya Sai Saba, instead of protecting the skeptics when they expose them, protect the godmen and harass the skeptics. In 1986 when I asked for police protection for a peaceful Dharna before Satya Sat Saba’s Ashram at Puttaparthi to allow us to investigate him, the Andhra Pradesh government imposed Section 144 of CPC and got us all arrested fifty kilometers away from Puttaparthi. The Chief Justice of Andhra Pradesh and the Inspector General of Police were directing the arrests. On 1.1.1986 I had planned to show the public at Puttaparthi all the miracles of Satya Sai Baba and explain how he does them and how they could expose him.

Any woman gone to a godman or Baba for a child will bear the child of the godman or Baba. Instead of going to such frauds, they should go to the hospital for proper treatment. Medical science has progressed so much that through proper treatment the sperm count of a man can be increased consider­ably and the wife become impregnated. Moreover, artificial insemination is possible if she has inverted fallopian tubes. Or she can have a test tube baby. No godman can help a woman to become pregnant if there is a medical problem. In such cases they can well adopt a child. There are thousands and thousands of orphan children who need parental love. Let me now explain how the rice pot trick works.

Experiment: 112

Effect: Blessing a childless couple with a child. A vessel filled with rice rises up when a knife is inserted in the vessel.

Props:  A narrow-necked pot with broad bottom, rice, and a plain straight table knife which is long enough.

Method:  Pack the pot with rice and go on jamming, inserting the knife halfway. When you feel that the rice has jammed at the bottom, insert the knife to the bottom straight down. The pot will rise up with the knife when it is lifted. I have performed this feat more than seven thousand times, but I have not delivered a child so far. Interestingly we have a god “Sabarimal Ayyappan” who is believed to be born from a union between Shiva and Vishnu. Lord Ayyappan is allergic to women and so women are not allowed entry to his temple. But temples have come up recently to his wife and children.


>But temples have come up recently to his wife and children.

What do you mean by this? That people from the temple come out of the temple to meet the women and children?

what you have narrated is 100% true Ihad seen many families in Bangalore having godman child by satya sai .people were mad after him .luckily his chapter cane to an end!

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