Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Science versus Miracles: Moving Objects by Mental Power.

Many psychics claim to move things by psychic power. They keep a pencil balancing on the edge of a table and through the psychic power, make the pencil turn and drop.

Experiment: 113

Effect: Moving objects by mental power.

Props: One round pencil, a table and a chair.

Method: Sit on the chair with table in front of you. Balance the pencil on the edge of the table facing you. Order the pencil to move. When you speak the air blown from your mouth moves the pencil and it falls of the edge. If you keep your hand before the pencil and blow on the hand, the pencil will move the other way and fall.

Experiment: 114

Effect:  Moving fruits and other objects by psychic power.

A psychic keeps a fruit on the table and when he orders, the fruit moves across the table and then springs up at the audience.

Props:  18" elastic, one small broad bangle, one strong thread, a table, table cloth and fruit.

Method:  Stitch the elastic on the side of the bangle and on the other side tie the thread. One end of the elastic should be fixed on the side of the table facing the audience so that the bangle is in the top of the table. The thread is taken to your side which you should be able to pull. Then cover the table with a cloth so that nothing is seen from the front. Place the fruit on the bangle. When you order the fruit to come to you, or go to the other side, pull or release the thread accordingly. It will seem that the fruit is moving by your psychic power. Finally pull the thread completely so as to stretch the elastic and suddenly release the thread. The fruit will jump into the audience.


That it can be faked in these two ways + many other ways as well but finding ways to fake it doesn't really disprove psychokinesis unless you are showing in the particular cases of PK being examined that those tricks are being used.

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