Sunday, 7 July 2013

Science versus Miracle: God’s Name Appears on the Body when Ash is Rubbed On

B Premanand

To prove that he is a true devotee of god, a man takes a bath, makes a fire in front of him, chants mantras and then smears the ash from the Yajna Kunda on his body. The name of the god appears all over his body

Experiment: 119

Effect: God’s name appears on the body when ash is rubbed on

Props:  A plant which when broken exudes a white gummy liquid or soap and a thin stick.

Method: Write the name of god on the body with the broken twig of the plant and allow the white gummy substance to dry. Or write with the semi-solid soap, dipping the thin twig in the soap. You can use gum also. Allow it to dry. The heat from the fire induces a sweat and when ash from the Yajna Kunda is smeared on the body and dusted, you see name of god allover your body.

Experiment: 120

Effect: Magic tattooing

Props: Artist's brush, Potassium Ferro Cyanide solution in water and Iron Chloride solution in water, in separate bottles.

Method: With an artist's brush write the name of the god on your hand or a paper, dipped in Potassium Ferro Cyanide solution. Allow it to dry. Dip cotton or a piece of cloth in the Iron Chloride solution and apply it over the part you have already painted. What you have painted will appear in blue colour. 


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