Monday, 29 July 2013

Science versus Miracle: God’s Spirit on a Wick and Spirit within a Coconut!

B Premanand

God's spirit leaves the oracle and enters a wick which dances when it is lit. This phenomenon occurs in a village temple in South Kanara. The Oracle gets possessed by the god and after the ceremony, it leaves his body and he falls down unconscious. The spirit then enters a wick which when lighted starts dancing.

Experiment: 122

Effect: God’s spirit on a wick.

Props: A live earthworm, cotton, oil and matchbox.

Method: A cotton wick is prepared with a live earthworm packed inside it. At the end of the festival the wick is dipped in oil and lit when the god's spirit leaves the body of the oracle and the wick starts wriggling. What happens is when the wick is lit, the heat troubles the earthworm and it struggles inside the wick. wriggling to escape and save itself.

Experiment: 123

Effect:  Spirit within a coconut

The spirit in the body of the possessed is removed and put in a coconut through incantations by the tantrik. The coconut starts moving.

Props: A live mouse or a frog\, one coconut with the fibre removed fully except at the top, and Quick Fix.

Method: Cut the top of the coconut; remove the pulp and the soft eye, put the mouse or frog inside the coconut and seal the other portion on it. The sealed portion is hidden by the fibre at the top. After a havan and incantations, act as if the spirit has been removed from the body of the possessed and imprisoned inside the coconut. Place the coconut on the floor. The smoke from the fire will make the mouse or the frog uneasy. It will struggle to escape and the coconut will move about.


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