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Science versus Miracle: Assorted Miracles in Temples

B Premanand

At Tirupurakundram in Tamilnadu, two eagles come to the temple exactly at 12 noon to partake in the prasad offering of the god in the temple. Garuda is believed to be the vahana (vehicle) of Vishnu whose idol is installed in the temple.

Experiment: 124

Courtesy: Wikipedia
Effect: Eagle appearing at 12 noon in a temple.

In 1945, I visited the temple to see this miracle. It was found that these two eagles, after being caught, were given food exactly at 12 noon at the temple premises. The food contained opium and thus they became addicted. Later, after verification that they had become addicts, they were let free and every day at 12 noon they came back to the temple to eat the drugged food.

Experiment: 125

Effect: Natural gas burning without the crude oil catching fire.

At Jwalamukhi temple in Himachal Pradesh, natural gas burns without the boiling crude oil catching fire.

While at Shimla, I was cornered by a scientist who explained to me a miracle at Gorakhnath Dibba in the Jwalamukhi temple. This temple is constructed on the natural gas outlet which comes through a pipe and it bums constantly. So the goddess there is named Jwalamukhi.

Inside the temple there is the Gorakhnath Dibba. Here, in a well, one can see boiling oil and the natural gas escaping from it. The Gorakhnath Panthi lights this gas. When devotees come to the spot to see the miracle, and surprisingly the boiling crude does not catch fire. If the devotees place money m the plate, they sprinkle the oil on the heads by taking the boiling oil in their hands which turns cold. The scientist told me that he had visited the temple several times and can vouch for truthfulness of this miracle.

While at Jwalamukhi, I made it a point to visit the temple. Bubbles were coming out of the liquid in the well. The priest lit a piece of paper and kept it above the liquid and immediately the gas started burning. Later he splashed the liquid in the well over the fire and it got extinguished. Then he put his hand in the bubbling liquid and sprinkled the contents over the heads of the devotees who had put money in the plate. When he was sprinkling the liquid, I stealthily dipped my finger in the liquid and found it to be icy cold. It was not crude oil, but water! The natural gas passes through the water from the left side of the well and when it escapes bubbles in the water make people believe that it is boiling oil! The water being contaminated has turned so heavy that it looks like crude oil.

Experiment: 126

Effect: Lashing with a whip without getting hurt.

In Kali temples, the oracle, when possessed by the goddess, is lashed with a whip and is not hurt at all. When other try to take the whip lashes, their skin is pealed off.

Props: A jute thread whip, thick at the top handle-side and thinning down at the other end, made by plaiting the threads like a pony tail.

Method: If the whip is plaited properly to the very end, and a person is lashed by that whip, only a sound is heard but it causes no pain. But when a knot is tied at the farthest end and a person is beaten, the skin will peel off at the place where the knot touches the skin.


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Aw man the hooks in back covered in another article and the whip stuff was things I believed might be due to factors other then the mundane.

I will keep reading sceptic blogs and probably kill myself once I realize everything that makes life worthwhile is bullshit.

Thank you for revealing the truth to me regardless. It is important everyone knows it so we can embrace anti-natalism and nihilism in order to end this mistake that is life.

I am so fucking depressed.

my mum said that, i was pulled from a height of 4 feet by a white necked eagle to the ground, when i was 2 to 3months old causes relief from vranam &cured it self.

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