Friday, 20 September 2013

All India Anti-Superstition Bill: Letter from Prabhakar Nanawaty

We reproduce an email received from Mr. Prabhakar Nanawathy, Editor of "Thought & Action", the organ of Andhashradda Nirmoolan Samiti (ANiS, founded by Dr Narendra Dabholkar), which was instrumental in getting the anti-superstition bill passed by the Maharashtra Assembly.

The Samiti is now planning to have a similar bill passed by our Parliament.

You may contact Mr. Prabhakar Nanawathy through his Email ID:

Dear friends,

We at ANS, are contemplating Anti - Superstition Bill at all India level.

In this respect we need your help on following:

Typical superstitions prevailing in our country – since we are talking of an all India legislation, we should try and give examples from different parts and not just Maharashtra .

Particular superstitions related to women – aangaat yene, denial of worship, witch hunting, exclusion of widows, practices related to pregnancy, reproductive cycle, etc. with the materialist explanation for each phenomenon in brief to point out the irrationality in them.

You may name these superstitions in local language and give a few details in just a sentence or two. For example, In Maharashtra we have superstitions like Karani, Jaran - Maran, Bhanamati, Vashikaran etc. Similarly other states may have such practices.

We need just a few names.

I hope you will do the needful. (This is bit urgent. Quick reply will help us immensely.)




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