Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Science versus Miracles: Sleeping on Thorns and Amulets that produce 'Holy Ash'

B. Premanand

You can see mendicants sleeping on thorns to prove that they are above body pain.

Experiment: 137

Effect: Sleeping on thorns

Props: Thorny plants

Method: Make a fire, take the thorn bushes above the fire and with a thick sack press the thorns to the top. Make a bed of thorns keeping the thorn points up. You can slowly lied down on the thorn bed without getting yourself hurt.

Experiment: 138

Effect: The tankrik gives devotees a miracle amulet, which becomes hot and produces holy ash.

The tantrik displays a few silver charms or amulets and explains their property and the strange power they emit. These charms, he says, can work wonders for those who wear them. They will guard them and save them from al adverse situations.

He then wraps the charm in silver foil and hands them to the customer. He is asked to pray and concentrate on this problem, holding it in his closed fist. Within a short time the charm becomes hot and when the silver foil is removed he finds some vibhuti.

Props:  Copper amulet, emery paper, Mercurous Nitrate solution and aluminium foil.

Method: Clean the copper amulet with emery paper and dip it in Mercurous Nitrate solution.  Polish it with a soft cloth and it will look like a silver amulet.  When it is tightly wrapped in aluminium foil, a chemical reaction takes place and heat is generated. A gray powder is formed which looks like vibhuti.


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