Saturday, 13 August 2016

Science versus Miracles: Shakuntala Devi, the Human Computer.

B. Premanand

Shakuntala Devi (Image courtesy: Wikipedia)
Sakuntala Devi claimed to be a human computer. In a television interview where she demonstrated her feats, a simple mathematical problem was asked by a professor which she brushed aside as very simple and agreed to give the answer at the end. But she did not give the answer. This was because there was no formula to give the answer without actually making the calculations. There are lots of formulas by which one can instantly give the answer to a mathematical problem by looking at the question and without calculation. People believed that Sakuntala Devi had the mental power to calculate everything by mind instantly.

Note: Though Premanand has given a few examples, we do not reproduce them here. We, however, give a link to Wikipedia page on Mental Calculation, where one can read about a number of such arithmetical calculations.


shakuntala devi was born in 4 November 1929 in the southwestern state of karnataka. Shakuntala Devi was famous for mathematician because she was genius in this subject and her extraordinary skill solving arithmetical problem without any mechanic aid was amazing. That why she earned nickname "Indian human computer". In 1969 she earn the award by university of philipines "women of the year". She have also add our name in Guinness book of world record for solving 13 digit number in short period of time. which was 28 second.

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