Thursday, 8 September 2016

Science versus Miracles: Planchette / Ouija Board

B. Premanand

Effect: Working of the planchette board.

Four persons, one among them is the spirit medium, touch the planchette (ouija board) lightly on four sides and concentrate on the spirit to come and give an answer to the question. Suddenly the planchette starts moving and it gives an answer.

Planchette / Ouja Board

Props: Planchette

Method: While concentrating, the medium assists the volunteers to concentrate and the more intensely the thought-process is directed towards a specific idea or physical part, the involuntary muscular movements make the planchette move and give you the answer to your problem.

Explanation: Whatever action we perform is controlled by the brain. If we have any thought or idea in the subconscious mind, when we concentrate on the same, it manifests as a physical activity without any conscious attempt by the person. This is called idiomotor response. The minute electrical charges in the brain transmit to the muscles through the nerves.

The persons who create motivating force through idiomotor response do not have any idea that they are the cause. It is these involuntary muscle movements, which cause the water divining stick to revolve and the planchette to work.


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