Science versus Miracles

Premanand’s popular book, “Science versus Miracles”, has not been available for some time now. Since Premanand himself was the distributor of the books he published and since he did not make any specific arrangement to print and distribute the books he brought out under Indian Skeptic logo, after his death there was nobody to carry on the job.

“Science versus Miracles” was and continues to be a handy manual for those activists who want to debunk the so called “miracles” performed by Indian godmen. Since Premanand’s death we have received a number of queries about the availability of this book with us or in bookstores.

We have hence decided to upload selected chapters of the book with appropriate images. Here is the link:

Science versus Miracles
(Explains tricks behind 150 miracles of famous gurus)

B. Premanand

Table of Contents

An Interview with the Author by Shinie Antony

Chapter I

Chapter II

Chapter III

Chapter IV

Chapter V

Chapter VI

Chapter VII

Chapter VIII

Chapter IX

Poltergeist phenomena: Hutments catch fire suddenly
Cloths kept in cupboard, or hung out to dry, suddenly catch fire
A sea-shell turns on a stick when holy water is sprinkled on it
Lighting candles by prayers
Lighting candles by simply touching them
Smoke from one's fingers
Burning cloth and restoring it
Ghostly fires at night
Predicting questions through your ears
Answers to your problems appear on paper when it is immersed into water
Preparing tea with fire made on the head
Creating fruits which people ask for
Cooking rice in cold water
Cloth does not burn when lit
A metal ring hangs by a thread even after the thread is burnt
Spirit Phenomena
A Spirit levitating a table
Photographing the dead spirit
Spirit photographs
A picture of Satya Sai Baba appears when you blow on a ring, a locker or a glass plate
Uri Geller - The Psychic
Bending, twisting and breaking spoons by psychic power
Restarting watches and timepieces which have stopped working
Predicting the words of the line of a news paper column where it is cut
Curing the lame, blind, deaf and dumb
Picking the card which you have selected with X-Ray powers
Telling the card while blind folded
Hypnotising the whole audience with a pack of cards
Psycho-Kinetic power proved with a pack of cards
Blessing a childless couple with a child
A vessel with rice rises up when a knife is inserted in the vessel
Moving objects by mental power
Moving fruits and other objects by psychic power
Eating hot chillies
Piercing a balloon without it bursting
Burning water with psychic power
When you spit fire bursts out
God's name appears on the body when ash is rubbed on
Magic tattooing
Telling a number, or the name of any flower a person thinks of
God's spirit on a wick
Spirit within a coconut
Eagle appearing at 12 noon in a temple
Natural gas burning without crude oil catching fire
lashing with a whip without getting hurt
Catching the thief by sorcery
Cutting the body with a knife
Another way of cutting the body with a knife
Hot electrical soldering iron on the hand
When the tantrik spits on saw dust it bursts into flames
The oracle gets possessed and blows out sparks and flames from his mouth
Telling the number a person thinks
Reading a message in a sealed cover
Overcoming pain while burning your finger
Leaping on broken glass
Sleeping on thorns
The tantrik gives devotees a miracle amulet which becomes hot and produces holy ash
Licking a red-hot poker
Goddess drinks blood
A person dies, when a doll's head is twisted
Psychic surgery
Curing jaundice by psychic power
Shakuntala Devi - Human computer
Ideomotor Response
The pendulum moves in circle or a straight line when you concentrate on a circle or a straight line
Water divining by Y shaped branch of a tree
Working of the planchet board

Chapter X

National Integration and Socialism
National Integration
Socialism demonstrated

Chapter XI

Man Created God in His Image
God is a puppet in the hands of the priests

Chapter XII

After Word
The Challenge
Indian Committee for Scientific Investigation of Claims of the Paranormal - Objective

To download scanned images of the entire book,



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